Addy Rasidi or better known as Addy Cradle is one of Singapore’s top acclaimed guitarists, a title which he humbly asserts, “I’m not of those who think highly of themselves. Let the audience decide.” With coveted endorsements from DiMarzio and Ibanez, Addy is not an ordinary rock guitarist, lyricist and composer (who once played for Teacher’s Pet and local rock group Cradle), but also a sessionist and producer.

Awarded Anugerah Planet Music Awards 2004’s “Best New Solo Artist”, the winner of a 2006 Compass Award for “Best Top Local Malay Pop Song”, Anugerah Planet Music Awards 2008’s “Best Album of the Year Singapore” and “Song of the Year Singapore”, and the first Singaporean to be endorsed by the Japanese Guitar Company, IBANEZ.

In October 2008, Addy produced his first guitar instrumental album Divine, a collection blending expressive rock with Asian ethnic music. In 2017, he released his latest work named, Transcendence, a second full-feature album with a fantastical mythical story, a product of his creative mind, which he drew inspiration from the Nusantara roots prevalent in the region where he lives with his beloved wife and his daughter and son.

Addy is not just a musician, he lives and breathes the pursuit for beauty, in its arts and forms, its language and sounds, which he fervently believes and said: ‘Beauty is a tajalli, a manifestation of God’s Divine attributes made manifest in the world. And this journey isn’t meant to be easy but in this quest for beauty, we find peace and love amidst the trials and challenges of life.’

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